Sandra – Cat 4 Hurricane Surprise Thanksgiving Guest to the E. Pacific

Originally posted update at 8am on FB:

8am update – Already starting to weaken … Sandra still freaked a few people out when they checked on her in the wee hours to see she’d become a cat 4

495 miles south of Cabo San Lucas with current max sustained winds of 130 mph … Forward movement North at 11 mph and expected to turn right (north-northeast) by tomorrow according to the latest data.

Computer models currently agree with each other that this system will remain south of Baja but we are advised to keep a close watch as it nears us as they will most assuredly issue tropical storm advisories later today which means tropical storm conditions likely in the next day or two.

Hurricane force winds extend 35 miles from center and tropical storm winds 115 miles from center.

Next update later this afternoon (2pm-ish). ~Jenn




wunderground #blog well worth the read:


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