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Don’t let the leading graphic worry you, it wasn’t a click bait kinda thing.  Long story short is we aren’t getting any storms soon’ish, so find that little man who owns that taco stand and drink those margaritas while you work on your tan (but do throw back lots of water too as it’s nice and VERY warm right now).

Can you believe there have been 24 systems to date, that the National Hurricane Center has officially monitored in the East Pacific Ocean so far this year? 11 of those systems, have been given names. Bud, has been the only system that we were under a watch or warning for more than 5 minutes (as opposed to Ileana who gave us a bit of concern for like, three hours until the very next update was issued and I never had the chance to write the blog and then didn’t need to after all).

Since Bud we have had rain from both Ileana and also John, but being that we haven’t had to do the whole, casually try to not panic shop thing, there has been no real need write babbling blogs on Hurricanes because we have not been in danger of getting smacked in the face with one. I suppose common sense reminders we all need for prepping pre-season but I just haven’t found a way to not sound like a broken record every year. It’s time to re-vamp the blog’s layout perhaps …

There has been some damage from rain in the last week, and I am sure some have not enjoyed the gusts of wind … and I generally do not babble about the fantastic constant sunshine with insane humidity that is making me think I should just wear hats for the frizz on my straight hair because yes, it’s frizzing even straight hair weather! Or a rouge band of clouds producing rain, though we have discussed why locals freak about even an inch of rain and seeing as most everyone has weather apps, who wants their inbox spammed constantly?

I just wish everyone would clean up the trash in their yards when we all know it’s going to rain, so that it doesn’t end up on our beaches. The images of the beach after Ileana/John/random clouds off of mainland that brought us rain last week, certainly didn’t sit well with any of us. I’m betting the tourists weren’t too impressed either.  There is no “PC” way to suggest this, but perhaps when we all gather donation items to take to certain neighborhoods, we might also consider boxes of heavy weight trash bags and encourage pre-storm clean-up in the outskirts of town.  Maybe people with large trucks wouldn’t mind picking up filled bags of trash and doing runs to the dump as there is no garbage pick up out there either … I can’t be the only one to have thought of this.   Now I’m wondering if the city dump is in an arroyo … jeeeeeeeeez.  I hope not because that, would be so idiotic.

That all being said, apologies for not having updated in a while. I’ll do better for the rest of the season.  For those that do subscribe, I will try to do an update weekly even if there is nothing to report other than beautiful clear skies so you know we are all still here!

Weather reporting is not a competition, so it doesn’t matter who tells you about it first. What matters, is whether or not the information is necessary to know at this moment, or if it can wait. That is such a tough one … we are a tourist town and of course, do not want to scare people from coming down here after months of planning and for some, years of saving – I’ve met many people visiting Cabo San Lucas who had our town on their bucket list. At the same time, more often than not, and I’ve seen it over and over again, people panic, and NOTHING HAPPENS. We all know the old adage of better safe than sorry but that is another reason, I write what pops into my mind regarding the weather and try to include the facts as I know them, when I know them, even with the rental property people slamming me for fear mongering (yeppers, I get that and rental property people … um … I live and work here too so fear mongering would hurt my income as well. Duh).


The above map show where “we” are, and Tehuantepec.  This time of the year, Tehuantepec is like the birthing area of storms, not all of the storms, but the ones we here in Los Cabos pay the most attention to because it’s nice and warm down there.  Up until September, we get all excited – a storm! – a storm! and maybe … we see an outer-band escape the storm and give us a bit of rain. We do not get excited in a good way in September.  No one, wants a hurricane but sadly, hurricanes sideswiping us is when we usually get our much needed water supply in this paradise of a desert that meets the sea….

So what causes a hurricane, anyways? The image below will explain it much better than I, though I did not check to see if the stats in this image clearly borrowed  from https://www.wunderground.com/ are current because it is totally besides the point. (Since posting this graphic, I do see another babbling blog update in the near future as this one is directed at the Atlantic Ocean, but the basics are there, warm water/warm air etc)

how they form

Below is the current graphic for the 5-Day outlook from the National Hurricane Center


Nothing to see here, move along is what I’m getting from this.  At least according to the latest update at the time of typing this.

So … I guess that’s is for today.  Hopefully the next update will be next week with a sunshine filled 10-Day forecast!


Just Jenn

NOTE: Reminder that this blog is for entertainment purposes only and to please refer to https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?epac for ALL official information or the people that comment on my babbling blog who clearly are more educated than I am … that I should just go to eebmike instead of writing blogs if I want to know what is happening with the weather.  If you just thought to yourself, “HUH?” I do every time as well.  hahahaha

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