Earthquake Forecasting?

Is it possible?  Do you even want to know?  Let’s very calmly ponder this a bit.

Since the weather is still fantastically hot and humid if that is what you come here for, (I am hiding inside with A/C), and there are no storms to talk about currently and this blog has mostly been about education and being ready for anything – in fact, I’ve said the prep lists I’ve posted in the past are good for people that live along fault lines I’m figuring going off topic of weather is a smart thing even if just this once.

Wow … I don’t think I took a breath writing that sentence/paragraph.  My English Major friend would be all over me for that ha!

So … if there was even just a 30% chance of accuracy (some of his regular followers offer much higher rates closer to 80-90% accurate but I am not a regular viewer) that you or a loved one, could be within 100+/- of an epicenter if not actually at an epicenter for an earthquake, would you want to know?  Do you think there should be a warning system?  Could the public handle it or would it be fear mongering even if it saved lives?  Could lives be saved?

Have you by chance seen what is happening in Indonesia?  If not, internet search Indonesia Earthquakes and just look at the images. Now, I am not sure what they could have done in advance, but having food and water etc just for a 911 if the people had been given a heads up may have helped tremendously. The sad thing is, someone did try to warn them and have been called hoaxers and scammers and fear mongers’.  Facebook groups are being shut down.  Forecasting is being “forbidden” in Indonesia.  So uncool. It’s why I asked the questions up above.  Would ya, should ya, and could ya know? If you answered to yourself yes, then continue on with me.  (I am not an earthquake “nerd” but I did survive 6.7 at 4:30 in the morning in 1994 so they also make me shiver with fear)

How do you even prepare for an earthquake?  Well, that depends on many things but the first thing you’d do is the same as you would for any other disaster. Get your stuff in order.  Have a family plan in the event you are not together if an EQ ever effects you.  I’m not even going to attempt to go over everything and just give you a link before diving in to the concept of forecasting

With that out of the way, I am also not going to try to explain the basics of what the professional scientists say cannot be done (okay I did a little down below because I’m a babbler on a keyboard and might have gotten it totally wrong in my haste to post this).  I’d rather just send you over to a person that has been studying patterns for over a decade and actually knows what he is talking about.


That’s his map up above and I just can’t do his research justice but in a nutshell, earthquakes that happen very deep below the surface cause shallow earthquakes and they follow a pattern.  Think, domino effect.  Think, a stone tossed into a pond and you watch the water ripple into smaller … ripples.  Except deep earthquakes are believed to cause larger (stronger) shallow (closer to the surface) where we can feel them quakes.

I will now direct your attention to Dustchsinse.  You do not have to buy T-Shirts or download the his apps (though it might really help fund his research that our “trusted” hahahaha government officials with loads of funding say isn’t real) but again, if you answered yes, take the time to read his stuff and watch a few videos to get the gist of his work.  It could save your life or make your life more bearable if you are ever in an earthquake.

Yes, his videos are long (educational). Yes, I skip forward to when his video’s are focusing on a region that effects me personally or my family. 8/01/2016 — HOW TO Forecast an Earthquake

I do not watch daily or weekly.  This week, I had my little EQ App on my phone go off and I looked and saw a very very strong and oh wow deep EQ had occurred all the way in Fiji and yeah, that could eventually (7-10 days) effect all the way over to both American (North and South) continents. That’s about as much as I have learned from Dutchsinse since discovering him so I of course went to his YT channel and FB page and he was on top of it! Normally he give one or two global updates per day (generally at night) but smack dab in the middle of the day he was uploading one video after another which is not usual.  He was so excitable, it made me really want to share because hello, 1994 – 6.7!

This is his latest update and I know there will be another before I go to bed tonight but if you aren’t interested in the learning part, in this particular video you can jump ahead to the West Coast USA and further south half way through:

I do totally suggest just once watching a video all the way through so you can hear him explain over and over and over again how he comes to his conclusions …. He updates the way he does to teach you so you can forecast for yourself.  I will not be posting about EQ’s on a regular basis.  It’s not my thing but they are a part of life for anyone that lives on this planet and we are, on the ring of fire.


Yes, people go out of their way to debunk him … that makes me think he is telling the truth.  I’ve seen his forecasts come true. This is “me” guys … I don’t B.S. Sarcasm and poking fun at the professional weather people yes, but safety?  That’s serious.

Besides … being ready for anything in a calm manner never hurt anyone.

Again, EQ’s are not my specialty, that would be Angel Food cake. 😉

So back on topic, no hurricanes or tropical storms being officially monitored by the NHC at this time.


Just Jenn #IBelieveInDutch

Post Script:

If I totally have your attention, or at this point it would be that Dutchsinse has your attention, instead of watching Ancient Aliens tonight, go to Dutch’s YT channel to the 18th of this month and start at the beginning of the 8.3 EQ … I will probably be sleeping as I didn’t sleep last night having nightmares about 1994 but you’ll hear in his voice not just the words he says, that 8.3 was a big deal and will continue to be a big deal in the next week for so many around the world.


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