Norman … yes, almost up to “N”

The East Pacific ocean has actually been pretty darn active so far this year and we aren’t even in the “scary” time of the year yet!  We are almost up to named storm #14.  Remember, depending on who gave up a forecast, the numbers vary.

Thankfully, the storms are staying far far far out to sea. Let’s hope it stays that way for the remainder of the year but we do have to be somewhat realistic in that we may see a storm at least side swipe us. We do need the rain. Not Lydia rain but rain. Poor Hawaii. ☹️

CONAQUA Forecast: 18 named storms, 4 of which would be Cat 1 or 2 and they expected 6 to be Cat 3 or higher.

ACCUWEATHER Forecast: 16-19 names storms, 8-12 to become hurricanes  of Cat 1-2 and 4-6 to become Cat 3 or higher.

Welp, we’ve had 7 tropical storms, 2 hurricanes and 4 Major hurricanes so far (not including systems monitored just the ones that got a name). The 7 includes a current system named Miriam. Forecasting is not 100% but if CONAQUA is close to correct there will be approx. 8 named storms to go this season, with Norman (would make that 9 tropical storms thus far or still 8 and bump up the non-major hurricane level to 3) possibly becoming a hurricane by Thursday and so far, is not expected to become a major hurricane.

Most important thing though, is that we do not have any systems heading our way – at least not in the next week or so. YAY!


I’m not sure why I was so surprised at how few people read the babbling blog about earthquake forecasting … okay that is just weird … as I was typing that sentence my EQ app alerted me that Northern Mariana islands had a 6.6 (other side of the Pacific Ocean near Guam, kind of)   If you are at all interested in being calmly ready for anything (being prepared, not scared) give a little click on the blue —- Eathquake Forecasting?

It’s a thing.  I don’t care what the professionals say, it’s a thing.  I’d rather a forecaster be WRONG, and have the option to sleep in my car for a few days wearing a tinfoil hat, if that was the safest place to sleep at night that is, than to be blindsided like I was in 1994. There IS a reason they tell Californians to always keep a few days of canned food and water on hand.  They say that “they” don’t know when or how big, just that “it’s coming”. That just isn’t good enough for me.

Anywhooooo … the weather apps and websites all pretty much say the same thing.  10-20% chance of rain for the next week.  Usually, that means rain in the mountains. As of right now, the weather is nice down here in paradise.



Oh, for those that did read the EQ post or follow Dutchsinse … he did say Baja and used his mouse to hover around Baja Sur … and no, we didn’t feel it. Them. Last Friday. Too far from Cabo and out at Sea. He really is right more than he’s wrong at least for the videos I do watch. I’m just saying … just a handful of EQ’s from last Friday below

Here he adjusted the map to show the little EQ’s vs the full scale above.

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