I think people need a Hurricane Strength Reminder

But first, this image got a lot of attention on my personal FB wall.


Right place, right time, totally random picture taken as the passenger in my truck (I don’t take pics and drive) because I couldn’t believe the glider took off in that just based on the sound of thunder …. my caption was “incoming”.  The sun was behind us, the ominous clouds seemingly approaching #downtowncabo threatening rain while Thor did his war cry, or Zeus, depending on which one you prefer … you know, thunderstorms are commonly forecasted for our region but we very rarely get to hear the thunder and it usually only rains in the mountains.  Usually.  Note: those clouds broke up and we didn’t experience rain that afternoon (though we did get some in the morning) That UFO?  I think a gecko left me a “gift” but I wasn’t gonna be the one to wash my vehicle this week!


So back on the subject.  Strengths of hurricanes are referred to as categories based on wind speeds, air pressure and also storm surge expectations depending on your area.



I want you all to, very calmly, take note of the damage portion for Cat 4’s and 5’s.  Extreme, and Catastrophic.

A closer look at what that means is demonstrated, by first using a video showing a home without neighboring homes, buildings or mountains to help block the winds and also, the home in this example does not have its vehicles or any patio furniture, potted plants etc., to act as additional debris because this fictional homeowner took care of hurricane prep (basic plastic patio chairs start moving at 30mph and yes, there is a very good chance your umbrellas and even your heavy potted plants that require two people to lift will end up going through someone’s windows covered in plywood)




Yeah … now imagine no one bothered to actually bring in their outdoor garden stuff. That stuff just ended up causing additional damage … I’M JUST SAYING – Do not be that person.  The one that leaves things out.  It’s just not cool.

Moving on to the next image:  Please note where it talks about the damage to be expected for each category which by the way, the Saffir/Simpson Hurricane Scale is based on wooden framed homes – not well built brick or straw huts … no palapas …


An area effected by a category 4 hurricane should expect to have total power and water failure/loss for weeks – if not months!

Now imagine you are on an island … hit by a category 5.  In my unprofessional opinion, there is NO blame and finger pointing at how long it takes to recover an island from a Cat 5.  That still irks me knowing what I do just based on what we just read and saw in the pics and graphics above. Yes, I am referring to what happened with Maria in PR. If it could take MONTHS to restore an area with power … on a mainland … excuse me but – duh … it’s … no, I will not finish that thought. I’m emotional coming up on the anniversary of Odile.  Just please everyone, leave politics out of the weather.  Unless you are a weather conspiracy person in which case have at it – but just blame deep state and leave the gang colors out of it.  (lame joke, I know)

Let’s look at another video


See … this example doesn’t show patio furniture, potted plants, electrical lines etc either but it kinda gives you an example of what it looks like or could look like, of you used your imagination.

Did you know, that Hurricane Odile was said to be only a Cat 3 in strength (sustained winds not including Cat 5 gusts) but that we had Cat 5 air pressure?  Yep. ‎918 mbar.  What is considered normal barometric air pressure? 1013’ish mbars.  And yes, a slight change in air pressure can effect your blood pressure, blood sugar, cause headaches, vomiting and serious joint pain depending on your health and whether the air pressure is low or higher than normal.

How does low pressure effect many? First, they say there is no “clinical proof”.  I’m  just going to post one of many articles found online in blue below

What you should know about barometric pressure and headaches

I can personally attest to the headaches, body aches, joint aches and extreme nausea.

The point of all of this air pressure talk?  It is another reason why being properly prepared for a storm! Your emergency first aid kit should cover everything!

I know … “Jeez, Just Jenn, what has you all twisted up this morning?”  I watched a news crew on the TV drive through a neighborhood on the East Coast USA where most of the residents in that neighborhood seemed to have evacuated and they left out their patio furniture and potted plants. They put up plywood to cover their windows ( well, some did, not that is works very well). It just made me cringe.  I suppose people do the best they can, but they left out their outdoor belongings! Their personal safety is of course most important.  But still … the hurricane is bad enough, why add debris?  I don’t want any of them to read this and feel like total azzhats but for everyone else, in the future, when there is a storm coming?  Bring that chit inside. I implore you!

I won’t babble about current or possible weather for our neck of the woods today.

I’ll just leave this here. Personal.  Responsibility. Within your means and as much as you can beyond. Because I care.



A professional gets paid to do it.

An expert can be an expert and do it for free.

I’m Just Jenn … don’t listen to me. (On this, totally listen to me)



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