Willa – 21st Named Storm of the Season …

5pm quick edit … track changed again as it will many times … we are no longer in the 5-Day forecast to possibly see Willa. Keep checking with the NHC to stay updated. End edit


And I truly don’t have time for her. Willa, it’s not you, it’s me. (And I am so totally sorry for calling you Wilma at first. Girls hate when people get their names wrong … please don’t be vengeful) (edited)

Please stick with the NHC for updates, and prep a little for some rain not associated with Willa that’s due to come Monday-Tuesday. Keep checking for rain and possible winds even though they are almost never accurate.

This looked a lot different just an hour ago so yay for updates. Thankfully, we are currently on the outside of the cone of concern. And by outside I mean yeah we are inside of it but barely. This system at present time looks to pass south of us, hence the lack of rain and high winds during the end if the current 5-Day outlook for Willa.

I will however point out the high seas we are expecting



This is my current rain outlook according to wunderground

I’m not feeling overly concerned about Willa at this moment but if you see me out loading up a shopping cart … it’s just me shopping for a few weeks due to my work schedule. 😊 if my attitude changes on Wilma, I’ll post again. ❤️






Time to get to work. 😊

Since I came back to correct the name, I did in fact run in to people at the market asking if I was Hurricane shopping. Nope. I just have no food in my house and don’t have time to shop! Doing it today.

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