Seasonal Forecasts are just Predictions


First, Happy Mother’s Day to everyone that celebrates Mother’s Day on May 10th!  In Mexico, it doesn’t matter which day of the week it falls on, it is celebrated on May 10th.  Second, Happy Mothers Day in advance, to the rest of the world that celebrates on Sunday!

While we countdown to the beginning of hurricane season for the East Pacific, once again feeling like the fugly redheaded stepchild (such an odd phrase I’ve never understood because I think redheads are gorgeous rare unique individuals and I’m leaving myself out of that) waiting for the professionals to give us a glimpse at what our very large ocean may see this year.

I’ve talked about how big the ocean is and why we shouldn’t freak about forecasts about halfway down on the highlighted bold text if you are interested … I may copy-paste some of that in a future update LINK TO IT’S A BIG OCEAN … no matter what they end up telling us, it’s a crap shoot.

We don’t have crystal balls, we cannot see into the future, we can only guess. Which reminds me … I’ve been reading about how the new G5 has been messing with the radar and tricking it into seeing rain that isn’t there.  Weirdness.  I need to read up on it a bit before I babble further, but there is this



I suspect that once again we will have to wait a bit longer to see additional forecasts as last year, I see I didn’t post until May 15th for AccuWeather the end of May for Conaqua.

We don’t know when and where or if, a hurricane will make landfall. All we can do … is be ready.  Be ready for rain, be ready for wind, and while you are busy getting ready, remember to do so calmly way in advance (now is a great time even though there are zero storms brewing at this moment) because you are always going to feel less panicked if you don’t have to panic shop last minute if the odds are stacked against you no matter where you are in the world and have a storm may be coming at you.  Or what if, an earthquake … or what if … health deteriorates or you lose your job?  Having a small stockpile of food to feed your family for a few days or weeks, even if you aren’t into canned food may just be the blessing you needed when you suddenly needed it most.  This advice is sound, no matter where you live on our planet.  I just wished I had storage to practice what I preach!


sstf (1)


Isn’t that a cool picture for this updates cover?  I had hoped to find one with an actual storm in it but failed in my task and I just don’t have mad photoshop skills.  I am not sure who created the image, but the credit I will give came from this site

It is a good read and the way he explains things may resonate with people that like to see all those weird scientific math symbols ….. I like that he uses the phrase cones of uncertainty whereas I’ve always referred to them as cones of concern because, if you see that the area you are in is inside the cone, you should be concerned enough to pay attention and, you know, prep because weather is truly, unpredictable.  Seriously, it’s a good read.  When time permits I’ll go back and read it a few more times myself as we are all, always learning.

So it’s Friday … hope everyone is out enjoying themselves but casually picking up a few extra things every time ya shop.  Next week for the newbies, (waves hello), I’ll post the list of suggested things to keep on hand for emergencies.



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