AccuWeather and Conaqua 2019 East PAC Forecast

Let’s be calm about this. It’s a huuuuuuge ocean. 1st day of Hurricane Season in the East Pacific and we have our next forecast, this one, from AccuWeather.

Much different than the one from SEMAR posted last week, which is below as well as the one issued late yesterday by Conaqua

Well, okay then. AccuWeather has added a few more named storms to their prediction, and think more will become actual hurricanes and that they will be much stronger … got it.

My crystal ball (a friend made me a bunch of them after the last blog so I’ll be using them as a thank you) doesn’t tell me anything other than what I said last week. No one knows. Well, we know that we are experiencing a weak El Niño …

Let’s see what the NHC puts out later this month while we digest this. I know. This is not my most well thought out update … but I believe I said I’d post as soon as I saw the next forecast put out.


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