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The secret to longer-lasting fresh fruit, is mason jars. Of course, saving and reusing glass jars from pickles, salsas, etc work fantastic, but since I already have mason jars, it’s what I use. That and the smaller sizes stack perfectly on top of each other and just looks pretty.

There is a reason besides ditching plastic to use glass jars. It keeps your washed fruit fresher, longer. Melons, aren’t as picky as say … berries (this method will keep berries fresh for about a week). We all know we have to eat them within a day of washing and if you are a busy mom or dad, or always on the go, sometimes we even forget we’ve bought the fruit until it’s gone bad. I now dedicate a bit of time once a week to fresh fruit prep and this is what I’ve learned.

Berry #1 is automatically rejected going into the bowl to be cleaned up and eaten today, or while I prep because I get hungry 😋 surrounded by all of this delicious yummy goodness. Why am I rejecting it for storage? In a nutshell, leaving out the science stuff no one has time to read, it’s the same principle as one bad apple spoils the whole barrel.

Now THIS berry below is perfection. It has been rinsed, properly washed using Microdyn (or whichever method you use for antimicrobial stuff), and DRIED. Dry is key to keeping all types of berries fresh in a glass jar for up to … a week. A WEEK! (I once had blueberries last two weeks but we generally eat everything within the first week now that we use this method)

Raspberries are a bit more temperamental so they are always offered to my family first by storing them in front of the other fruit offerings.

Since I’ve begun using mason jars for fresh fruit prep, we have more fruit consumption and less waste which means we are not only choosing healthier snack options but saving money too, as all fruit purchased gets eaten. Plus it just looks so darned attractive in the refrigerator and … organized.

Note: I do temporarily store berries with a paper towel between the fruit and the lids and turn them upside down just to ensure the extra moisture I may have missed gets absorbed. I give the jars a very gentle shake a few times the afternoon I fresh fruit prep before removing the paper towel and then store them right side up.

Using this method of fresh fruit prep is also perfect when prepping for bad weather. The glass jars keep the food colder longer, which helps it stay scrumptious longer, and cleaning fruit for your self and your family will be the last thing you feel like doing and may not be able to do, after a storm.

It’s a win-win because when the power goes out and it’s hot and sticky out, you can quickly grab berries, melons, pineapple, mango… ready to eat, and serve. You just became a rockstar. 😃

Of course, since publishing this there have been other suggestions like freezing cherries, and freezing grapes.  I’ve never had a frozen cherry, but frozen grapes on a hot and humid day would also be a delicious snack aaaaaaand some might use them to keep their white wine chilled.  Someone asked if this could be done with other produce and the answer is yes. Many people wash, store and stack their fresh ready to eat produce this way in their refrigerator, and say even lettuce last much longer.  Some people make ready to eat salads, refrigerator oatmeal (it’s a cold porridge I’ve never tried), but I mostly only do the fruit for the current week’s consumption. I’ll continue to add items as this entry will end up in the official prep list file eventually.  I had intended to keep this just on melons and temperamental fruit but …

If only I had the time to make #FoodPrepFridays a thing. 🤔


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