CAT 4 Hurricane Genevieve – Tropical Storm WARNING in Effect

10am: I am adding an edit to include info for the 9am update (vs my 6am one) from the NHC. Genevieve is now 360 miles from Cabo (30 miles closer) with a reduced forward motion speed to 15mph vs 16. The NHC has no additional updates though you can read up on it which I suggest, here: As the end of the update about coastal dangers with the surf is very real.

I am also adding one more graphic from the NHC on when we might anticipate tropical force winds.

I am also wanting to remind everyone that this blog is for yes, educational purposed on occasion, but should be considered entertainment. Always refer to local officials. 😊 Oh, one more thing, this morning’s clouds are mostly from a system that has come from the mainland, though we could start seeing the outer-outer-bands later this evening. Check your local apps that you kinda feel are mostly accurate for rain and wind events and when they are anticipated and remember, they change about every 5 minted 🙃


Tropical storm conditions are EXPECTED to reach our region within 24 hours regardless of where the center, the eye, of the hurricane is. NOW would be a great time calmly do what you would normally do when a tropical storm, is actually coming towards us. Okay maybe shower and have some coffee first?

Hurricane Genevieve is currently located 390 miles from the tip of Baja California Sur with maximum sustained winds of 130 traveling 16 mph moving North West. Hurricane-force winds have been recorded as being up to 30 miles from the eye and tropical force winds are reaching up to 150 miles from the center, hence the Tropical Storm Warning. Yay! We are not under a hurricane warning!

Hurricane Genevieve is expected to pass west of Cabo. Thankfully, she is still traveling pretty fast and isn’t meandering nor coming closer to us. I am never thrilled to see a storm just hanging around because they tend to get even bigger and stronger (Odile dilly-dallied – totally uncool).

At this time, please do not become alarmed should Genevieve gain strength unless the forecast track changes … just take serious precautions as you would if you were expecting a tropical storm with the winds and the rain. We know how we fare here with just the smallest amounts.

As of this moment, “Weather Kitty” is calling for 2 inches of rain Wednesday and nearly 3 inches on Thursday with both days seeing about 30mph winds with higher gusts (that means at my house 50mph) My WU app is only expecting 1.30 inches Wednesday and a half an inch Thursday. WTForecast is telling me to expect almost 2 inches Wednesday and an inch Thursday. I know … huge differences.

If I wasn’t just getting in my first sips of coffee, I’d get into detail about the air pressure. In a nutshell, the lower the pressure, the more it displaces well, everything … clouds, wind, and water at the ocean’s surface so if you live in an area where storm surge is a big deal, that is one of the things you pay attention to. We don’t really get affected by storm surge here – nope, we get flooding from the rain. So keep an eye on potential rainfall amounts and how that affects you.

Speaking of which, I now have things to do! The NHC will have a complete updated advisory at 9am Cabo time

But first … coffee. I’m not even going to proofread this. Most will just go to e e b mike or windy anyways 🙃😁


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