Andres – Earliest Storm of a Season? NO. What about Adrian? More seasonal forecasts included.

There are many reports floating around that the East Pacific basin has seen its earliest named storm on record, at least since they started using satellites.

Tropical Storm Andres formed on May 9th, 2021 and lasted until May 11th with peak intensity of 50 mph (86km).

Tropical Storm Andres on May 9, 2021

Considering that the official start of hurricane season for us begins on the 15th of May, that has many excited enough to write articles about it. I get it, it do, but what about poor Adrian? 😔 We can’t just forget about him! 🙃

Tropical Storm Adrian formed also on May 9th, but in 2017 and lasted until May 10th with a peak intensity of 45 mph (75km). So I suppose Andres wins if the extra 5mph in wind speeds and the extra day counts. 🤷‍♀️

Tropical Storm Adrian (01E) off Central America

We can also guess that off-season storms aren’t being counted or ones that didn’t form close to the Mexican coastline but if anyone is interested, I can babble about those another time. I think we can all just be happy we generally do not worry about storms affecting the coast this early! 😊

In the last blog update, which very very short and to the point, I gave you the 1st official seasonal forecast. Today I found another from AccuWeather.

I’ve included the link to AccuWeather above so that you can read their forecast for 2021. Plus it IS their graphic. 😁


We are still waiting for the NHC to put out their forecast which should come on the 15th. Regardless of how many named storms, there are, or the intensity, the biggest concern is if, when, and where a storm might make landfall. The East Pacific Ocean is also really, really big, so please do not let the forecasts scare you, just be prepared! So to ease the stress, make your lists now for what you might need, and little by little as you do your normal shopping, start adding a few things so that you are not caught off guard and panic shop IF, WE get a storm. If you have one have you changed the oil and filter for your generator or ensured it’s working? That is really important.

There was a time I covered every storm that formed but I think that just causes people to stress and I think we’ve all had enough of that. I think I will stick with storms I’d personally keep an eye on but will definitely post again when we get the forecast from the NHC.

Have a really great day everyone!

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