2022 East Pacific Hurricane Season -ALL Forecasts

Now that all of the predictions are in, let’s take a look.

Now for Accuweather

Plus the one I showed you on May 2nd 2022 https://livecaboradio.blog/2022/05/02/2022-east-pacific-hurricane-season-1st-forecast/


Yes, there are differences in how many each agency has forecasted for total named storms. NOAA predicts a below-average season with 10-17 total names storms regardless of strength, 4-8 of those could become hurricanes, and 0-3 of those to possibly become major hurricanes.

Accuweather is forecasting a slightly more active season with 15-17 named events, 6-8 of those becoming hurricanes and 2-4 of those may be becoming major hurricanes.

Mexico put out an earlier forecast with more tropical storms than the other two.

The forecasts are hypotheticals and the eastern pacific ocean is pretty big so as a reminder, these are just forecasts of how many systems might develop, not how many will impact land. Direct impacts on Mexico’s coast be anywhere along the East Pacific Coastline.

For those of us here in Los Cabos, as always, just stay vigilant in a calm manner when you see a storm might come this way. After reviewing your users manual for a refresher, test your generator(s) if you have one and do a full test ie: put it under a load. Do the FULL SYSTEMS check. Don’t just change the oil (and ensure you have backup new bottles of oil), and make sure you have extra fuel and that it turns on for a few minutes. Run it like you don’t have power, and ensure that it, is powering up what it needs to but also because it’s healthy for your generator’s seals. (Look it up)

Start slowly getting your none-perishables and the like as we’ve discussed in past years to ensure that if we do get weather, your only last-minute preps are to fuel up, perishables, and the exterior of your home cleaned up of things that can fly away. Make your checklists now and hope as always, we do not need them.

Keeping this short and to the point. Like I have the last few years, I most likely will not cover every storm but only the ones that may affect us directly. Prepared not scared kinda thing. I don’t like causing panic. We’ve been through that enough.

I will most likely update or rewrite a few older blog posts and have not decided if I will share on the socials so if you are interested please subscribe. (I’m not a spam blogger ha.)

Always refer to your local weather agencies. This blog is for entertainment purposes.

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