2022 Rainrate for Cabo as we get rain – Final Numbers

January 20th, 2023 My last update was the last time we received rain that was recordable at my location down by the marina.

I know other areas received much more during 2022 but “I” did not. So the final rain accumulation down by the marina in Cabo San Lucas, was 3.22 inches (81.79mm) of rain.

All updated #’s will be on top.

It’s true, I forgot the mini update I thought I was going to do after Kay was finished but as of Sept 22, 2022, lunch time’ish, these are the current numbers for the year.

Year to date for my PWS near the marina in Cabo San Lucas I’ve recorded 3.22 inches (81.79mm) of rain.

Looks like we are still pretty behind for the “Cabo” area. That is not a horrible thing because we certainly do not want it all at once! Now I know some might want to argue Cabo itself has received more rain, and I agree even though I checked the other official PWS’s (personal weather stations) near me, and some were showing zero to a bit less. I suppose that is in part because of the way our PWS’s records the rain. If we are getting microdroplets all day … it’s not going to record it accurately.

Precipitation in the form of liquid water droplets greater than 0.5 mm. If widely scattered, the drop size may be smaller. It is reported as “R” in an observation and on the METAR. The intensity of rain is based on rate of fall. “Very light” (R–) means that the scattered drops do not completely wet a surface. “Light” (R-) means it is greater than a trace and up to 0.10 inch an hour. “Moderate” (R) means the rate of fall is between 0.11 to 0.30 inch per hour. “Heavy” (R+) means over 0.30 inch per hour.


I might be updating after #HurricaneKay prematurely, but I can always adjust if we get additional rain. I’ll include some graphs as well and please remember, this is just MY weather station and we did get a little sideways rain which isn’t helpful. I think we got more like 2 inches, but when I manually checked other PSW in the area, they were recorded much less so it’s a little perplexing. I am hoping MetMex puts out his if he still does it for all areas.

So this week, we can at the moment, add an additional 0.79 inches of “recorded” rain putting us at 3.08 inches (78.32mm). Also, my highest recorded rain gust was 57.5 on the 7th.

Updated Sept 8th 12pm 2022

Before this week we had accumulated 0.44 inches (11.176mm) but with the rains from Tropical Storm Javier, which brought us (me) 1.85 inches (46.88mm) we are now at a total of 2.29 inches (57.17mm) year to date as of September 3rd, 2022.

On June 27th, 2022, I posted the following on Facebook.

“We received the first rain of the year over the weekend! My PERSONAL weather station recorded 0.21 inches (5.33mm)

This weekend a friend wanted to know if I recalled the last time we received rain. I actually had to look! It was last December so while I was looking this is what we received at my location in 2021

The grand total of 6.84 inches or 173.73mm (breakdown below)

Keep in mind, that these totals are just where I am. San Jose, La Paz, the mountains, and the Todos Santos area get much more than we do in Cabo San Lucas. Almost always.

Jan 0.18 inches (4.57mm)

Feb 0

Mar 0

Apr 0

May 0

Jun 0.29 inches (7.37mm)

July 0

Aug 2.73 inches (69.34mm)

Sep 2.88 inches (73.15mm)

Oct 0.47 inches (11.94mm)

Nov 0.08 inches (2.03mm)

Dec 0.21 inches (5.33mm)

We are pretty behind in annual rainfall just like so many places all over the world. At least the local farms are getting theirs so we can continue to support the local farmer’s markets.”

Since that post, we received additional rain that my personal weather station recorded that on July 23rd, we received 0.18 inches (4.572mm), and on August 5th we received 0.05 inches (1.27mm).

Of course, other areas have received much more, but I only verify what I have personally recorded on an official personal home weather station and yes, there IS a possibility … I will have more to record this week.

I’m kinda doing this out of order I know, but to recap, last year’s total rain recorded by ME in Cabo San Lucas by the marina, was 6.84 inches or 173.73mm, and the season is really just beginning but we are pretty behind having only received 0.44 inches (11.176)

The Source of the above image is from https://en.climate-data.org/north-america/mexico/south-lower-california/cabo-san-lucas-3749/

So taking the above information from the graphic, this is very important to know because the ground in Cabo San Lucas is REALLY dry. It will not take much to flood the town if we get a bunch all at once whether it’s rain or a tropical storm or stronger.

You all know I pretty much only cover Cabo San Lucas and not the surrounding areas but today I will attempt to cover many others in the lower part of our state. If you live in an area that you’d like me to attempt to include I will, but keep in mind I am only able to update the actual rain rates we get for Cabo San Lucas, from my own personal weather station, but below you can see the approx distance from Cabo San Lucas as well as how on average, the weather differs on average.

Let’s start with Todos Santos.

Todos Santos on AVERAGE over many years gets about 9 inches (228.6)mm) of rain per year.

Another area of interest is San Jose del Cabo. I am kinda calling B.S. on the website’s info because they get WAY more rain than we do.

I’m trying to find rain rates for Santiago …

I will be adding a lot to this blog post and will edit as we get rain and include some additional information as time permits which will include maybe even later today an older link to why we flood downtown.


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