Airbnb, All-Inclusive or Regular Hotel?

As a destination expert on Trip Advisor, and being in several travel groups on Facebook, this topic comes up on a regular basis. For the record, I do not have a personal opinion and this is the first non-weather or radio station blog post I’ve written in a loooong time, so I am keeping it short and sweet before deep diving into future follow-up blog posts.

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Ask yourself, what are your expectations? What are your needs?

1 – Let’s start with Airbnb or even VBRO. It can often be a very affordable option, especially when traveling with large groups of family and/or friends, especially if you are planning an extended trip. Communication! You get to deal directly with the host vs the front desk or customer service. They can be more flexible with things like check-in/out times. Airbnb’s can offer you more privacy plus the full house experience. Many are pet and child-friendly. Do you require fully stocked kitchen facilities, laundry room, office, fenced yard, maybe even a swimming pool … daily maid and/or butler service (some it’s included, some it’s extra, and some do not offer it)? It’s said that the reviews are more genuine and written by actual guests. Maybe you do not want staff at all.

That said, they can be unpredictable in that you do not always get as advertised. (Same can be said for the other options). Not all hosts are as responsive as others. It’s rare, but the host can cancel on you for various reasons.

All of the above is just a summary, of course. If the option of Airbnb appeals to you, please leave a comment below and if there are enough YAY’s, I’ll do a follow-up in greater detail.

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2- All-Inclusive vs Hotels/Resorts are easier when contemplating between the two.

If you just want to get on a plane 1,000++ miles from home, check in, relax, and have zero desire to leave the resort, then your biggest worry will be budget, offerings; expectations that are personal to what you want out of your stay.

If you want to explore the town and discover new restaurants, you would be better off at a hotel or resort that gives you freedom.

There will be a follow-up blog on some of the best All-Inclusive and regular resorts and hotels. If you have contributions you’d like me to add from your own personal experience please leave a comment.

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