Resorts on Medano Beach Teaser (Pre-blog)

For years most of my subscribers have followed Live Cabo Radio’s blog for weather updates, especially during hurricane season. After living in Cabo San Lucas, I have much more to offer my readers!

Life has been hectic (not all in a bad way) but for those of you that have missed previous posts to give you a general direction of some of the things I’ve been covering … please visit the links below. Also, I am working on a schedule to blog more frequently to include lifestyle, news, and other happenings while also sprucing up the appearance and speed of the blog.

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Airbnb, All-Inclusive or Regular Hotel?

Why pick an All-Inclusive Resort

Cabo San Lucas Hotels/Resorts on the Marina

Affordable Hotels within Walking Distance of the Marina in Cabo San Lucas Part 1

Affordable Hotels within Walking Distance of the Marina in Cabo San Lucas Part 2

As much as I wanted to continue with covering downtown resorts, and hotels, and move on to all of the fabulous restaurants, I do believe I will next cover Medano Beach before getting into the corridor with activities mixed in!

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