Affordable Hotels within Walking Distance of the Marina in Cabo San Lucas Part 2

Welcome back for part 2 of this series for affordable hotels within walking distance of the marina in Cabo San Lucas! 😃 Part one can be found in this link, I am trying to focus more on the boutique hotels, some of which you may never have heard of even if you have been coming or have lived here for years. However, there are not that many in the walking parameter that I am aiming for. I am also adding the disclaimer I should have in part 1; I have never stayed a night in any of them and am not being compensated by any business mentioned (I never have, and would not accept).

Casa Bella Hotel is located right across the street from Amelia Wilks Plaza on the street often referred to as “Restaurant Row” just two blocks from the marina. These limited-room boutique hotel rooms range from $175-$265. The website is loading kinda slow, however, there are many videos and images in the gallery.

San Angel Suites is a block away from the marina. It is a quaint 12-unit hotel that starts at about $122 per night and each unit has at minimum, a kitchenette though some of the larger units also have larger kitchens. Many people choose this hotel for its proximity to the marina, the option for long-term rental (some people come down for months at a time), and the ability to sit on an attached semi-private balcony.

Hotel Maria Elenas is considered an inn. Prices range a bit depending on the booking site of choice but it is budget-friendly and within walking distance to the marina.

Pedregal Suites most expensive room is about $125.00 US and definitely is walking distance to the marina and downtown.

I had hoped that part 2 would be a little longer, however affordable, and within walking distance also brings up several apartment complexes that also rent as well as a few hostels, but that isn’t the direction I wanted to go for the blog post. 🤷‍♀️

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