10-Day forecast and current Hurricane 2023 hurricane season stats

Before we get into the 10-day forecast, I’d like to show you what my personal weather station has recorded since the last time I did a 10-day weather forecast on the 14th. I took a screenshot and posted it. Today, I printed out that same image and wrote what I actually experienced at my home.

Current 10-Day weather forecast for Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico below.

Now let us take a look at how the season has progressed so far. Depending on who you ask, we are looking at anywhere from 16-22 named storms. 9-11 named storms from Tropical Depressions to Tropical Storms, 4-6 Hurricanes category 1-2, and 3-5 Major Hurricanes category 3 or higher. One of my most popular blogs to date on a global level that talks about wind speeds and storm categories can be found at this link. https://livecaboradio.blog/2019/01/04/beaufort-scale-on-wind-speeds/

Hurricane Adrian became a category 2 hurricane on June 28th. Hurricane Beatriz became a category 1 hurricane on June 29th, and Hurricane Calvin became our first major hurricane of the season on July 14th. These dates are not when these systems formed, but when they reached peak intensity. We have been blessed that these systems remained far from us here in Los Cabos, though Adrian and Beatriz may have played a part in the little bit of rain we received and when I say a little bit, I mean what I personally received. I have only personally recorded 0.25 inches of rain this year though other areas have received a lot more and some not a drop.

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As we get further along in the season and the water gets warmer, we should start to see an uptick in storms and how close they get to us. As this blog is for entertainment purposes only (disclaimer to protect ME) please always refer to the professionals like the NHC https://www.nhc.noaa.gov/?epac though you can always count on me to give you first-person experience as I have for many years. While it is too soon to know for certain, we might see at least a little more rain in the next week or so.

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