Writing Prompt – What are my future travel plans?

Daily writing prompt
What are your future travel plans?

I do not actually have future travel plans because I already live in paradise. I live in Cabo San Lucas, B.C.S. Mexico and nearly all of my needs are met!

If I want to see the most awe-inspiring sunrises or sunsets … it’s a daily gift. If I wanted to scuba dive, snorkel, fish, golf … okay if you name it down to sky diving, Cabo San Lucas has it to offer. Interestingly the one thing I have no desire to do, when what we call coyotes along the marina try to sell stuff and they have nothing I want and tell them, “I want to be launched out of a canon” they always give a funny look and wonder if they can make it happen hahahahahah (DO NOT DO THAT AND IT IS NOT A THING HERE)

Seriously, I live in a melting pot of people that have lived in this region their entire lives, and when feeling at home even when pretending to be on vacation … the hospitality cannot be beat, There is NO other place I’d rather be.

I often link to my online radio station and throw in some affiliate links to try and cover the costs of running a hobby internet station that plays fab music IMO, but not today. It’s time to prep dinner and get ready for an amazing sunset.

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